Coup D'etat A Novel The Assassination of a President What if he lived?

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The authority of moral law is universal and obligates all. Morality and law are the fundamental condition for social order. States and nations are built upon law, without which they perish."
-John Paul II

While each presidential assassination was a tragedy, the last was most egregious involving conspiracy among politicians, military, corporate CEOs and organized crime. Sixty-six percent of Americans did not believe the official government report that one man acted alone in the assassination. Substantial credible evidence points to a cover up by both elected and appointed officials. Coup D'etat explores the premise of Mafia involvement and answers the question, what if he lived. What if he exposed them?


In all of history there has never been a nation quite like the United States. America's founders had a specific purpose in mind when they crafted the words that would guide the government of the new republic. They created a form of government that has become the envy of the world. In the United States, the people elect their leaders, who govern within constitutional guidelines. If the people don't like the way a leader governs, they can remove him peacefully through recall or at the next election.


In congressional districts all over the United States, a handful of people continue to elect politicians who probably would not make it to office if more Americans voted. In the election of 2000, the country was nearly torn apart when the election came down to a 561-vote difference. Having risked their lives and fortune standing up against repressive England, America's forefathers would probably not be pleased to see what their dream has become. "Morality and law are the fundamental conditions for social order." Have we become so polarized that murdering a leader we disagree with is acceptable?