$ 93.99

Our customized pool care systems give customers
beautiful water and take just minutes per week. BioGuard®
offers several different systems for simple, expert pool
care to fit any customer’s needs.

The once-a-week 3-Step program is ideal for:
• Pools up to 25,000 gallons
• Above-ground and in-ground pools
• Pump circulation 10 to 12 hours per day
• Proper water flow through skimmers,
     with adequate skimmer basket area
• Any surface type
  Recommended for pool owners who:
          • Like a simple system with the convenience
             of skimmer chlorination
          • Prefer a chlorinated pool

This set includes 1# of Smart Shock per 10000 gallons

per week,Initial Bottle of Algae Complete and Initial Canister of

Smart SilkGuard Sticks

( Note: as Weeks increase so will the amount of Algaecide, Shock

and Sticks increase accordingly)

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