Pool Steps

Here at Factory Direct Liners, we offer custom stairs, benches and tanning ledges of permanent integrity and longevity. We custom build them in your pool to last throughout the seasons. Our stair treads and benches are spacious in stride and our stair risers are uniform and comfortable to fit your pool and your expectations.

When compared to our pre-manufactured competitors, both price and design are uncompromised and a pleasure to use for your family and friends year after year.

We are pleased to announce were now passing on new lower bundled pricing of step materials to you as they are going down now at the end of the season, so now is the perfect time to consider and plan ahead for your new steps, liners, accessories and maintenance products from Factory Direct Liners.

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Customize your pool and save money!

Corner Steps, Comfortable, Wide Steps

Tanning Ledges, Benches and more! All steps included bundled with handrail