CMP In Line 2" Pool Defender Compact 2.5" Spigot Zinc In line Anode

$ 85.00

CMP In Line 2" Pool Defender Compact 2.5" Spigot ( without copper wire )Zinc In line Anode


An electrical current can be generated in a pool from multiple sources, even when the pool is not running. This current must be controlled to meet new building codes and to prevent corrosive damage to metal pool components. This is a is a key step in building a quality modern pool. Pool Defender™ products are the simple way to guard the entire pool.
• Electrical currents present in the pool are enhanced in saltwater, causing                corrosive damage
to metal pool parts even when the pump is off.
• The zinc anode provides an easier path for electrical current, protecting                 expensive metal
    pool components.
• Simply and easily replace the inexpensive zinc anode after about half has               eroded.
• NEW Compact Space-Saving Design
• Inline Anode Connects to Pool Bonding Wire.
• Compact Pool Defender (A) Meets NEC2008 680.26(C) as a Water Bonding Device*
• The Compact Pool Defender Complies With: UL-1081, UL-1563, CSA C22.2-218.1
• Sacrificial Zinc Anode Lasts Approximately 3 Years
• Kit Includes 4ft of Solid Copper Ground Wire
• Compact Pool Defender acts protects the pool from galvanic corrossion and is       also certified as a water bonding device.
• ETL Certified Pump and Union Style Water Bond Fittings Are Also Available           from CMP

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