Our Production Process

Once accurate pool dimensions are taken, showing depth of shallow and deep ends, length of slopes, etc. (see order form for dimensions required), they are submitted for the next step.

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology developed especially for the design of swimming pool liners, technicians prepare the ‘cutting drawings,’ using the dimensions supplied, and then download them to production, where the liner material is cut into patterns by a computerized cutting machine.

The cutting machine runs on a track alongside a 65 foot long table. Using ‘X’ and ‘Y’ coordinates, the machine uses a rotary razor to precision cut to within a 64th of an inch.

Once cut, the material is moved to our sealing machines where, using Radio Frequency heat, the material is fused together at the molecular level. When the radio frequency is directed at the molecules they are ‘scattered.’ When the frequency is turned off, the molecules from the separate pieces are fused together into one watertight piece. No glue or adhesives are used in this process.

Once sealed, the liner is carefully inspected, fan folded and boxed for shipping. Fan folding offers a unique advantage during installation because it allows the liner to unfold in the proper positioning for installation. Positioning the liner can be tricky, so we mark each corner carefully.

We have made a considerable investment in technology. However, our greatest assets are our employees.

Because we are a family-owned and managed business, having started in the pool industry in 1965, our principals have known some of our employees over 20 years.

Our technicians have an average of 15 years experience, with our senior technicians having over 25 years experience. The combination of years of experience, the latest technology, and high production standards yields a high quality liner you will enjoy for many years.

It’s possible to have a problem with anything man made, and that’s why we place a 15 year warranty on our workmanship on in ground liners. The first 3 years at 100%; the next 12 years pro rated. Above ground liners carry a 10 year warranty.

See our warranty for details.